Better Brain, Calmer Emotions, Gives You A Happier Life…

Are emotional issues with ADHD (ADD) preventing your special child from being all they can be? Tired of feeling at a loss about how to deal with your child’s emotional outbursts? If you’re ready to see how neurofeedback training can give your child a better life, give us a call, and we can show you all the possibilities your child has.

NeuroCare’s Optimal Brain Training…

“Helps Provide Relief To Kids & Adults For ADHD, Anxiety/Stress, Addictions, Depression & More”

A New Drug-Free Approach has Emerged that is natural, non-invasive & effortless…

Dr. Frank H. Duffy, a pediatric neurologist at Harvard Medical School, said the following about neurofeedback therapy:

Neurofeedback should play a major therapeutic role in many difficult areas. In my opinion, if any medication had demonstrated such a wide spectrum of efficacy, it would be universally accepted and widely used.”

Nashville Neurofeedback Therapy

Every child has a unique story…

Every child deserves the chance to develop their own special talents and skills so they can easily achieve all their dreams and live a happier life.

Every day gifted children are struggling to cope with their over-powering emotions and outbursts. Many of these children are also needlessly suffering from a lack of focus and concentration due to behavior problems with ADHD (ADD).

No child needs to go through life this way and neither do you or your family. Parents and their gifted children can get the expert help they need with neurofeedback brain retraining using NeurOptimal.

If your teen seems distracted, is distant, and often acts overly emotional and struggles with concentration and focus problems in school, there is an affordable in-home brain retraining solution scientifically proven to work.

You and your child can work together in harmony to close the emotional distance. We will show you how NeurOptimal® works to bring to you and your child new hope and lasting change even when other methods you have tried have failed.

There is a better alternative to mind-numbing prescription medication by using the natural abiity of the brain to retrain itself without any side effects with NeurOptimal®.

Why NeurOptimal® Neurotherapy?

By using NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback therapy, together we can utilize a brain training plan that works with the brain’s natural dynamical learning processes. 

This gives the brain the information it needs to do the work itself, for safe, natural and lasting change. 

NeurOptimal® stimulates the brain’s own plasticity, and with its innate capabilites for natural self-regulation, resilience and flexibility. Neurofeedback therapy is scienfically proven to work so rapid changes in the brain can occur.

NeurOptimal® is considered by many to be the most highly EVOLVED form of neurofeedback available today.