What Is NeurOptimal®?

NeurOptimal® is considered by many to be THE MOST HIGHLY EVOLVED FORM OF NEUROFEEDBACK available today. After more than forty years in the neuroscience field and related disciplines, Dr. Valdeane Brown and Dr. Susan Cheshire Brown, Zengar Institute founders, have developed a safe, effective system that gives feedback directly to your brain allowing it to regulate itself more efficiently.

How Does NeurOptimal® Work?

Your brain is capable of optimal functioning, but when your central nervous system is off kilter your brain operates inefficiently. Symptoms of a less than optimally functioning central nervous system can include:

  •   memory problems
    • poor performance on tasks
    • difficulty sleeping
    • feeling low or sad
    • difficulty paying attention
    • overactivity
    • feeling anxious
    • addictions
    • headaches
    • catching colds and infections
    • irritability
    • feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

We know that given the right information, the brain can transform itself effortlessly. With NeurOptimal® the expertise is the software—making powerful and safe transformation accessible for everyone.  

Does Neurofeedback Work For ADHD & ADD?


Do The Shifts Last?

Neurofeedback has evidence-based research from Harvard Medical School and others show many studies on children and adults with ADHD and ADD

Frank Duffy, MD, Neurologist, HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL Professor, conducted an independent review of the literature on neurofeedback. A part summarized his findings as follows:

“ if any medication had demonstrated such a wide spectrum of efficacy, it would be universally accepted and widely used. ”

With NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback, it’s like learning to ride a bike or learning how to read: Once you know, you can’t “not know”, so the effects do remain with you. NO EFFORT is required from you during your sessions, at all! Simply relax and enjoy the ‘33.5 minute session’ and as yor brain listens to music or watches a movie, YOUR BRAIN REORGANZES ITSELF and the new behaviors do last.

NeurOpimal® Is A Non-Invasive Brain Training

Neurofeedback is safe, clinically proven and recognized by the American Pediatrics Society.

* NON-INVASIVE: When you are training, no electricity, vibration or external signal is going into the brain. In addition, brain training with NeurOptimal® does not target specific areas of the brain nor does it push the brain in any direction by giving it goals to achieve, decided by an “expert”.

* NeurOptimal® is globally effective while remarkably FREE OF UNWANTED SIDE EFFECTS.

* 100% NATURAL: Each brain is unique and knows the best way to “correct” itself for improved efficiency. NeurOptimal® simply provides the central nervous system with information about its own activity. Given the right information the brain can naturally optimize itself.

NeurOptimal® is used by professionals and home-users all over the world: from Paris to Perth, Manhattan to Madrid, from Amsterdam to Montreal. NeurOptimal® is the global standard for human performance technology.

NeurOptimal® represents the cutting-edge of neuro-technology today and we welcome you call for more information on how this exciting brain training technology can help you and your child.  

How Does NeurOptimal® Compare?

NeurOptimal® can be easily compared by looking at the table below to see the features and benefits of this clinically proven brain training technology. Children and adults enjoy the session with lasting results.