“I keep going deeper and deeper every session, something is opening inside”

Bob H. Brentwood

“I did feel my focus was stronger, and I had much less anxiety”


“My son isn’t as distracted, he seems calmer”

“I don’t know what’s causing what but I’m not as triggered emotionally”

“My Brain is actually learning to relax and it feels so good”

“My son was on 4 different medications before starting Neuroptimal, he’s now off all of them”

“The results and effects Neuroptimal has is amazing, over and over again!

I’m more calm and can process information easier and faster in stressful situations.”

“I have always struggled with anxiety which would hinder my social life and confidence. After learning about NeurOptimal, I was excited to try something that may help me become more focused in life. Thus far, I have noticed increases in my productivity and focus. I have been more organized and still get things done compared to the past”

“Just letting you know my daughter got 1st on her Math test today. She has always been average at Math. Huge improvments in one month. Mind blowing really. The training also gave her more confidence as she lacked confidence about Math. Changed the emotion towards it from negative to positive”