Mom with Three kids- ADD

Valerie is first up in our new video series REAL MOMS. REAL STORIES. Her ten year old son, Harrison struggled with anxiety. See what happened after he started brain-training with NeurOptimal®.

Real Mom Video 1

Failure as a Mom. That’s how real mom Stephanie felt before learning about neurofeedback. A(nother) true NeurOptimal® success story. #mothersmonth

Real Mom Video 2

In our REAL MOMS. REAL STORIES., real mom ANGELA talks about stress, frustration and then ultimately, calm. Watch this mom describe the radical transformation that occurred within her family when she tried NeurOptimal® Brain Training. #momsrock

Neurofeedback and Addiction Relapse

Neurofeedback is a helpful and valuable option for people struggling with substance abuse, addiction, and relapse. Several studies have shown that when neurofeedback brain training is incorporated into a treatment plan, rates of relapse rates are greatly improved over twelve-step or other treatment programs alone.